Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most plans I offer aren’t restricted to a particular network and allow you to continue using your current healthcare provider.

I work directly with you to find the plan that best suits your needs. That means the deductibles, annual limits, outpatient visits, and other coverages are flexible.

You can call the insurance provider yourself or you can call me directly. All my clients have my number and I am on call for any emergencies, concerns, or changes. This is invaluable to small businesses as it means your employee will be calling me, not you.

With the current restrictions we’re living in I am willing to meet you in the way you’re most comfortable. Whether that’s grabbing coffee, meeting over zoom, or scheduling a phone call.

I am currently licensed in NC, SC, GA, AL, and TN. Becoming appointed in other states is a fairly quick process so if you move or have family who could use my help in another state I can make it happen.

You will receive copies of every application and I go over them one by one to ensure you’re protected where you need it.

Schedule a conversation with me. Email and phone are the fastest ways to get in contact with me. The conversations usually last around 30 minutes to an hour.

This is dependent on a few factors, your medical history is taken into account for most of the policies I offer (Which ensures you’re getting the best price). The biggest slowdown I usually see is from the Underwriters getting your records from your health provider. Policies usually issue an average of 2-4 weeks from application.

ABSOLUTELY! While there are a few extra complications on the payroll end of a 1099 business it won’t stop you from offering a benefit to your team! The terms of which are flexible for you as long as you meet the tax requirements for your state.

The minimum necessary to offer coverage is 1 person. You may not qualify for the maximum tax credit with a small business but there are still a number of payroll advantages and deductions available to you.

I am licensed in 5 states and appointed with multiple carriers. My rookie year I was in the top 50 agents in the USA for my primary carrier. With a high annual retention rate on my clients and over 300 accounts in my book of business I’m doing something right.

There are many options for pre-existing coverages and it’s largely going to depend on the severity and current treatment of your condition. I work with multiple carriers that include guaranteed issue policies to ensure we can work around your medical history if we need to!